Thursday, January 21, 2010

$5 "I'm a Sucker for you!" special!!!

Henry gave these cute cards out last year for Valentine's Day, and I've had a ton of inquiries about them. So, I'm offering this design for $5 (prepaid through Paypal) through February 5th.
These cards are 2x3 inches. I send you a jpeg image that contains 2 on a 4x6 layout to be printed at your local photo center as a 4x6 photo (this means you get 2 cards for about $.20). You stick in a heart-shaped sucker and your child's Valentine Cards are done
(and unique & adorable!).

If you would like to order email me....
1- a picture of your child in this similar pose (in order for the sucker to be in their hand).
2- your child's name.

Once I have received your order I will send you a $5 invoice through Paypal. Once it has been paid your completed card will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

***This special offer does not include any other edits to the card.
I will edit the card (colors, size, phrasing) for an additional $5 ($10 total).

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