Wednesday, November 8, 2017

{Christmas Cards 2017}

Christmas is coming!...we all are getting fat! ;)

I designed a few new Christmas Cards this year.
I am now offering printing services, as well as the design only option.
You can order ANY Christmas Card from my site (from this year or previous years),
and we can make ANY changes you need (colors, wording, picture shapes, # of pictures, etc.).
I want you to LOVE your card, so do not hesitate to ask for changes to make it just they way you want it. All designs can be customized to your liking!!!

The fees are as follows...

Pick one of my new card designs, and I will change out your pictures, names and any other minor edits (color, wording, etc.)
and then order...

Costco Photo Greeting Cards (on photo paper)
50 Christmas Cards (7.5x6 Costco greeting card size) with envelopes shipped to you for $45.
75 Christmas Cards (7.5x6 Costco greeting card size) with envelopes shipped to you for $65.
100 Christmas Cards (7.5x6 Coscto greeting card size) with envelopes shipped to you for $75.

(Contact me if you need more than the amounts listed)
(Custom designs-created new for you-available to print for an additional $10)

All cards will be shipped Priority Mail & arrive within 3 business days.
My last date to ship will be Monday, December 18th.

Once you place your order I will have your first draft back to you
to look over within 2 days, so that if any changes need to be made
they can be made and reviewed previous to the print and ship date.
Every printer is different and every printer naturally crops edges.
Therefore, any card may be cropped up to 1/8 of an inch on any edge.
I will review every card I print to be sure that no words
or vital picture parts are cut off.
All cards are matte/luster finish.

Design-only option:
Pick any Christmas card design on my site
(from this year or previous years)
to be customized with your pictures and text
and emailed back to you as a jpeg image to
print on your own.
I can resize any card to any size
as long as you have a photo center that prints that size.
$15 design fee.

Custom Cards:
I love to make new card designs based on
what you are wanting or something you have seen elsewhere!
Just email me with the card details,
and I can make your custom card
for a design fee of $25.

When you are ready to order, follow the steps below...

Step 1: Email me ( the card name (from below) that you would like to order, as well as the card size, text to go on the card, and attach any pictures you want displayed on the card.

Step 2: Pay me via paypal or check. My paypal account is I can email you a Paypal invoice, if you don't know how to complete payment on your own.
Step 3: Receive a first draft jpeg image back to your email within 48 hours of ordering.
Step 4: Once you are completely happy with the card, I will email you the final jpeg image to print at your local photo center.
Step 5: You can order most cards online and have them within an hour.
Step 6: Stuff and Stamp!

If you have more questions email me
for further details.

{Santa's New Stop}

{Shiplap Always}

{Favorite Things...}

{Winning Christmas}

{Family Deep In our Hearts}

{More the Merrier}

You don't have to be pregnant to do this one!  We can change the phrasing!

{Sleigh Ride}

{Wreath Christmas}

{Merry Moments}

{Stressed but Blessed}

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Ordering Details

Step 1: Email me your photos and the text you'd like on the card, as well as the card size you desire. Pick one of the styles from the cards in the Announcement Gallery or if you can't find what you're looking for just let me know what you want and I'll give it a go!

Step 2: Pay me via paypal or a check. It's a $25 design fee for custom (new design) cards and $15 for a design found in the gallery (I just swap out your picture and text).

Step 3: I will put together a first draft and email it to you to look over.

Step 4: Once your fully happy with the card I will email you the final jpeg image to print on your own or upload to your local photo center.

The prices are as follows...

Target (they print glossy for 1 hour)---
4x6- $.20 each

Walmart (they print matte for 1 hour)---
4x6- $.15 each
5x7- $1.47 each

Costco (they print glossy or lustre in 1 hour)
4x6- $.17 each
5x7- $.39 each
6x7.5 cards with envelopes- 50 for $15.99 (must take jpeg image in on disk)

Step 5: You pick up your cards in one hour!

Step 6: Some people like to back their cards with cardstock and add a brad or bow, but it's not a must! They are fine just plain too!

Step 7: Buy your envelopes. A6 envelopes work for 4x6's and A7 envelopes work for 5x7's.

Step 8: Stuff and stamp!

You're all done! It's super easy and pretty cheap too!

Anything can be made custom! Want to change colors?....text?....font?...sizing? Just let me know!