Tuesday, April 24, 2007


After designing my sister's baby announcements, a few people asked if I had my own announcement business. No, I didn't, but now I do!...if you can call it that. I really enjoy making them, so I thought I would give a little "mommy business" a go! The first 15 people to order will only be charged a $25 design fee. I do accept Paypal payments! You can simply email me your request with your picture(s) and information attached. I will email you a rough copy that you can look over. Once the needed changes are made I can email you the final and you can print the 4x6 announcements at your local photo shop. I can do any size announcement that you request, as long as you know that someone will print them that size for you. Target prints 4x6's for just $.20 each. Walmart prints them for a similar price in a matte finish.

I will post my creations here for everyone to peruse.

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Jen said...

I work with your sister at the hospital in Manhattan. I absolutely LOVE the announcement and the Christmas card you did for her. I will be looking you up next year for Christmas cards. You do beautiful work!!!